Is BODYPEACE Premium Hand Care Cream Expensive? cheap? Should I buy it? It is not?

As the prices of various products increased, the “affordability” (acceptable price image) that consumers of “hand cream” felt was very cheap.

In the case of industrial products with superior petroleum and chemical ingredients, the prices of raw materials such as petrolatum, mineral oil, paraffin and glycerin are low, consumers know it, and domestic production of “hand cream” so far. Companies were very, honest and serious about consumers.

At bargain stores, discount stores, and mass retailers, hand creams with superior chemical ingredients are sold at retail prices starting from the 100 yen level. The purchase price of mass retailers is about 40% of the retail price. Excluding the consumption tax of 10%, the shipping price of the product is about 30% of the retail price at the store, and if the retail price at the store is 100 yen, the product selling price of the producer is about 30 yen.

From the product selling price of 30 yen, the cost of the container (this is the most expensive cosmetic cost), the production cost, the delivery cost to the retail store, the sales promotion cost, the cost of the sample, the salesperson’s visit Cost, Headquarters negotiation cost, R & D cost, Pharmaceutical affairs management cost, Advertising cost, Word-of-mouth promotion cost, PR cost, IP cost, Office and company management cost, IR cost, Dividend cost to investors, Funds After deducting the procurement cost and the salary of the employees who work and live in Japan, what is the raw material cost of the product and how much is the product worth? It is presumed that the situation is not easy for companies that produce hand creams in pursuit of low prices in Japan.

In addition, due to long-standing deflation (business uncertainty accompanied by falling prices), many producers in the world are doing new research and comparing with producers in other growth fields such as ICT and biotechnology. It is also considered that this is the result of choosing the strategy of low profit and high sales, which is simple mass production and mass sales of low value and low price products, rather than the creation of high value value products through technological innovation.

On the other hand, as a consumer, in today’s economy, rather than investing in family health and reducing total spending due to high added value, commodity consumer goods without technological innovation want to reduce immediate spending. Has become an important point for purchasing, and there was also a situation in which low-priced consumer goods were favored.

However, recently, even for production companies aiming to increase profits, the population and product usage / scenes have not increased, the number of customers and sales points are limited, and imitation products of other companies have been introduced to the market without cost for research and development. Even in the exhaustion battle of taking market share due to price advantage and expanding sales, there are physical limits such as maintaining sales and salary of employees, and by replying to high prices of products and strengthening branding to improve unit price per customer. The price range is increasing.

However, there are price increases for traditional products without essential technological innovation, and expensive hand creams made by Prestige brands, but knowledge can be shared on the Internet so that consumers can easily check all the ingredients. Now that the value of the essential product is known to smart consumers, there is also a corporate dilemma that it cannot be easily modified and set at a high price.

Boypeace Premium Hand Care Cream aims to create a new blue ocean market by creating unprecedented high added value through technological innovation invented through research at university institutions, etc., in order to meet the new needs of the world. In addition, it will be a made-in-Japan product that aims to expand into the world market as well as the Japanese domestic market where the consuming population is declining.

It is a super niche market product that “specializes in health-conscious people, elderly people, pregnant women, vulnerable people such as infants, and people who care about the natural environment” in the skin product market all over the world.

Many companies are niche markets that do not start investing in new R & D or entering the market.

The market size is small, the production cost is high, and the products are difficult to get on the ground of low price competition, and the economic efficiency is not suitable for economic models such as mass production, mass storage, mass distribution to mass retailers, and mass advertising. This is because it is low and business is low, that is, the company is not profitable.

However, even though the market is small and the economic efficiency is low, there are people left behind who are in trouble all over the world, such as infants and those who are not good at chemical composition.

BODYPEACE Premium Hand Care Cream is a hand skin product for those left behind in the world.

It is a product newly researched and developed by a research institute of a national university to meet the needs of people in need and the health needs of many families without prioritizing corporate profits and economic efficiency. And the purpose is social activities through business.

In other words, in terms of business, the main business itself is not an economic / commercial activity, but an economically balanced social contribution activity / CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) itself, which is rare in the world. It is a completely self-sustaining CSV (Creating Shared Value) model.

As a business, it will be a social business where it is difficult to pursue economic efficiency, but due to a sincere research background, it is a niche product that “specializes in the care of people including the vulnerable” and has social benefits that are unique in the world. I have.

It is a new possibility for human beings that “while approaching the trouble-causing bacteria, there are no side effects, biodegradability is high, and the environmental load is small” based on the results of research on lactic acid bacteria bacteriocin, which was developed in collaboration with Japan’s industry, academia and government.

It is small now, and the new inventions and values ​​of this Japanese national research institute have not been communicated to people all over the world, but 100 years from now, not only for the elderly and the vulnerable, but definitely in this direction of the world. I can imagine that people’s intentions will shift.

In this way, the lactic acid bacteria antibacterial peptide (bacteriocin) was applied to the hygiene field, and it was the serious professors, researchers, and science students of research institutes such as Kyushu University in Japan that created new value for humankind. This is the result of my daily research, betting on my life.

And it will be the world’s technological innovation created by Japanese research institutes that have created new markets that did not exist before and provided new benefits to humankind.

I think that the technological innovation created by this Japanese researcher seems small now, but it can be said that it is a made-in-Japan technology that is drawing attention around the world over time.

Therefore, as mentioned above, it takes a lot of time and money for basic research and development to provide intrinsic value.

(Therefore, while the production price and value of the product itself are high, the price offered to consumers is suppressed, so low price competition, advertising, shipping fee burden, retail store profit and sales of 60% or more of the over-the-counter selling price If not, it will be a difficult product to send to a mass retailer who is required to collect all returned goods to the manufacturer and refund.)

In addition, the market and production volume of products are limited, and since they are manufactured almost by hand by Japanese people, it takes a lot of time and cost to produce each product.

And for many cosmetics and consumer goods, the distribution costs such as materials such as boxes and containers and retail profits are higher than the contents, and the reality is that the research and technology behind them are not easily evaluated economically.

Also, if it is a similar cream, the difference between the one that can be made cheaply with petroleum ingredients and synthetic fragrances and the one made with plant ingredients with high raw materials and natural essential oils is difficult for consumers to understand, and it is cheap. There was also a lack of effort that many people chose the ones that appeared in TV advertisements and the ones that were sold at local mass retailers.

However, since the coronavirus disaster in 2020, the importance of health, the importance of preventive care and health maintenance, the percutaneous absorption of chemical substances contained in products, and the impact on the microbial ecosystem when discharged into the environment Many people have noticed that consumers’ awareness of the products around them is changing rapidly and drastically.

BODYPEACE Premium Hand Care Cream can be used for about 2 months for 1,500 yen, although there are individual differences.

That means 750 yen a month and 25 yen a day.

750 yen

For many,

Bank transfer fees and overtime fees, monthly charges for mobile phones / WIFI and internet services, small lunch and dinner fees, wine and liquor, electricity and gas fees, water bills, daily meals, snacks, high-speed fees, etc. Gas charges, parking charges, train charges, a cup of coffee and cigarette charges, electricity charges, WIFI charges, mobile phone charges, etc.


Those who are careful about their family’s health and seek safety in what they put in their mouths and what they apply to their skin, those who care about their daily health and preventive care, infants, pregnant women, and those who want to use the product in beautiful nature. One,


Other health maintenance costs, prices of organic vegetables and foods with few additives, prices of health foods and supplements, costs of sports and gyms, medical costs when sick, medicines, cosmetics and shampoo, Everyday anxiety about various things …

Compared to

Through joint research with Kyushu University Graduate School of Agriculture, Kagoshima University Graduate School of Medical and Dental Sciences, National Longevity Medical Research Center, Oral Disease Research Department, etc.

Researched and developed over 10 years,

Made in Japan, made almost by hand from materials and raw materials by people who live in Japan and have families.

Made from costly plant materials, they come in boxes and tubes designed and lined up at medical institutions and department stores nationwide, making purchases a social contribution.

Above all, to invest in your family and your own health

1,500 yen (750 yen a month), 3,000 yen a year when using for 4 months in winter,

Don’t you think it’s reasonable? (Lol)

BODYPEACE Premium Hand Care Cream is in pursuit of affordable prices for those who value the health and happiness of their families.

We will sincerely work on innovative research and manufacturing, so we would be grateful if you could understand it.

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