What is the reason for the price?

Materials that can be said to be almost handmade, such as lactic acid bacteria fermented extracts and expensive plant-derived raw materials, which are developed by a national research institute with a great deal of time and effort in basic research and technological development of new ingredients, and which take time to cultivate and produce. BODYPEACE Premium Hand Care Cream is a very laborious and costly product.

Actually, instead of purchasing cheap raw materials and mixing them and packing them in tubes, from basic research to production of original raw materials, blending of expensive plant raw materials and expensive organic raw materials, stirring / filling / production control, packaging, etc. With hand cream that seems to be cheap in terms of categories such as box materials, patent management, pharmaceutical affairs management, support for facilities for persons with disabilities, creative, public relations, distribution to high-ranking department stores, etc., consumer / customer support, etc. However, it is not cheap, and it costs thousands of yen to 10,000 yen or more, which is the same labor and cost as cosmetics and beauty essences made in the same factory in the same process.

However, pursuing the effectiveness and safety of the product while offering it at a reasonable price is also the concept of BODYPEACE Premium Hand Care Cream.

A good product is one that includes the price. Aiming for a reasonable price for households that can be used continuously on a daily basis, all of our factories and distribution partners are making various efforts and efforts to develop from zero base in order to realize products at that price.

Honestly pursuing the ideal price for hand care products used every day and the appropriate price for the product content, and through corporate efforts, it is more affordable for those who sympathize with the project’s efforts and use it habitually. We are aiming for the price.

We are now in an era where the world can share knowledge on the Internet. You can easily check the ingredients contained in the product, their prices, and the research background of the product.

If you choose to purchase a product, you can use the “all ingredients” displayed on the product package by yourself, without taking the effect expression and the asking price sung by the seller. Check by looking, search the net for the content and cost of each ingredient in the formulation, and check the research background of the product, whether the product is valuable for the price, what kind of company is involved in product manufacturing We recommend that you make a wise choice by judging whether you are conducting research and production with an attitude.

BODYPEACE Premium Hand Care Cream will continue to make sincere efforts to create better products with high added value for those who feel value and sympathy for this research, products and businesses. Thank you for your understanding.

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