Why are products now required to be “biodegradable” in the world?

Areas with poor sewerage are easy to understand, but the wastewater they produce can either be drained directly into a natural river or cleaned in a septic tank before draining into the river.

In the case of natural rivers, many microorganisms that live in the water play a role in the environment.

Microorganisms live in the septic tank, and the microorganisms eat the dirty water that washes the body and dishes and biodegrade it to clean the water.

The same is true in cities, where wastewater drained by sewers is collected at a sewage treatment plant, where it is biodegraded by microorganisms to purify the water.

Products containing petroleum-derived synthetic bactericides and preservatives, synthetic surfactants and synthetic fragrances, as well as tree resins and high-concentration sap, which are washed away by hand or used as wastewater, are persistent and cannot be biodegraded. In other words, microorganisms cannot eat, and they also kill microorganisms.

Therefore, in many cases, the use of products containing chemically synthesized ingredients is prohibited at mountain lodges, campsites, and mountain climbing.

To give an example that is easy for many people to understand, the water discharged from a sewage treatment plant may have experienced the smell of non-biodegradable synthetic fragrances in nearby rivers and the sea. Naturally, odorless, persistent chemical components are also released naturally.

Imagine what would happen to the global environment in which they live, the organisms that live in the water, and the marine products that they eat every day at the top of the food chain, if many people use them many times every day and continue to flush them into the sewage. It’s easy.

Being kind to microorganisms that biodegrade their polluted water is also important for the health of ourselves and our children.

In developed countries, “highly biodegradable products” that do not affect the microbial ecosystem are attracting attention as products that are discharged into the environment.

In the world, many people have begun to realize that it is important not only for the convenience and profits of companies but also for their own health and to leave this beautiful green earth inherited to the generation of children. Is changing to.

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