Do BODYPEACE “biodegrade” in the natural environment?

BODYPEACE Premium Hand Care Cream is a product aimed at development considering ingredients with excellent “biodegradability”.

Since it is made from plant-derived food ingredients, when it is discharged to the environment after its role, it is quickly metabolized and reused in the natural ecosystem, and the risk of environmental impact and pollution is extremely low. It was.

It can be said to be an environmentally friendly product.

On the other hand, many petroleum-derived chemical substances, synthetic fungicides, antibiotics, concentrated plant antibacterial agents, etc. have the characteristic of being “hard to decompose”, and even if they are decomposed, the decomposition products are toxic in nature. It may also indicate.

Since its toxic effect is strong and long-lasting, there is concern that it may adversely affect natural ecosystems, especially microbial ecosystems.

Recently, problems such as persistent plastic waste having an adverse effect on marine ecosystems have become a hot topic in developed countries and around the world, and switching to biodegradable plastics and containers with less risk of environmental pollution have become a hot topic. There is a great deal of interest worldwide in biodegradable raw materials that are in harmony with the environment, such as alternatives to plastics.

It is easy to imagine that in the future, new environmentally friendly products that are kind to the earth, highly sustainable, and beneficial to humankind will replace the mainstream of the world without going backwards in these directions. I can do it.

In addition, BODYPEACE Premium Hand Care Cream is not made from petroleum components, which are a limited fossil raw material, but is highly sustainable and environmentally friendly, mainly using lactic acid bacteria and edible plants that live in plant-derived okara. It also has the feature that it can be made from materials with a low load.

Against this background, we hope that many people will use BODYPEACE Premium Hand Care Cream to leave a beautiful earth for the next generation.

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