Is the BODYPEACE tube a plastic tube?

No plastic tube is used.

The type of plastic tube / container (made of only plastic, the contents that have popped out will return, air will enter the empty container and a gap will be created, and the remaining amount of contents can be seen through the sun) ,

It has the advantages of “very low cost” and “opening with one hand”, but “it is low in confidentiality and easily putrefactive, and it is necessary to add a large amount of synthetic preservatives”, and “the contents cannot be kept light-shielded”. There is a demerit that the ingredients tend to deteriorate.

For the above reasons, we have not adopted it in BODYPEACE Premium Hand Care Cream, which is made from delicate ingredients such as food and organic ingredients.

The advantage of the aluminum tube type is that it has a high airtightness and light-shielding property, and the contents once stepped out do not return, so it has the advantage of “maintaining good hygiene”.

On the other hand, it has the disadvantages of being “difficult to use” such as “cannot be opened with one hand”, “may come out too much”, and “tube breaks”.

Since the debut of ORALPEACE in 2013, aluminum tubes have been used since they are highly confidential and are ideal for ORALPEACE that do not use synthetic preservatives.

However, we received many opinions regarding the inconvenience of use in the field of medical care / nursing care and daily use at home (cannot be opened with one hand, aluminum is cut, the contents cannot be taken out until the end, etc.). ..

On the other hand, the laminated tube type, which began to be used for ORALPEACE in 2017, uses the latest technology “aluminum barrier lamination (ABL)” and is a material with layers of “PB, PET, aluminum, PB” from the outside. We are.

By sandwiching the aluminum layer between the laminates, the airtightness and light-shielding properties equivalent to those of aluminum tubes can be ensured, and compared to plastic tubes, the contents do not volatilize and the contents can be protected.

There is no deterioration even after leaving it for 6 months in a time-lapse test (temperature 40 degrees, humidity 75% etc.), and it is more convenient to meet the demand for ease of use at medical / nursing sites and at home while retaining the functionality of the aluminum tube. It was developed with the characteristics taken into consideration, and the characteristics of conventional aluminum tubes are fully guaranteed.

Although the cost of the container is high, it is a tube that combines the advantages of the functionality of an aluminum tube with the advantages of the ease of use of a plastic tube.

BODYPEACE Premium Hand Care Cream reflects the voices of many patients and consumers, and we hope to not only research and develop the ingredients inside, but also utilize the latest technology in packaging.

Consideration for tubes and containers for skin care products and confirmation of the quality of adopted tubes and containers can be confirmed by cutting open the tubes and containers with scissors after use and looking at the inner surface. We recommend that you check it yourself.

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