Can’t you say the effect / effect clearly?

The expression of effect and efficacy is based on compliance in accordance with the effect expression regulation of the Pharmaceutical Machinery Law.

I mentioned earlier about the mechanism that makes it difficult for new research to enter the market and technological innovation (innovation) in “quasi-drugs / medicinal products”, but the expression of the effect as “cosmetics” is also the same, if new research useful for humankind Even if technological innovation is born, it is difficult to tell the truth to consumers.

Regarding the indication of the effect and efficacy on the packaging of “cosmetics”, it is a rule that can not be used except for the following.

Range of cosmetic effects (excerpts of skin effects only)

(17) Cleanse the skin (by removing dirt).
(18) Prevents acne and heat rash (by washing) (face wash).
(19) Condition the skin.
(20) Adjust the texture of the skin.
(21) Keeps the skin healthy.
(22) Prevent rough skin.
(23) Tighten the skin.
(24) Moisturizes the skin.
(25) Supplement and maintain skin moisture and oil.
(26) Keeps the skin soft.
(27) Protect the skin.
(28) Prevents skin from drying out.
(29) Softens the skin.
(30) Gives skin firmness.
(31) Gives gloss to the skin.
(32) Smooth the skin.
(33) Make it easier to shave.
(34) Condition the skin after shaving.
(35) Prevent heat rash (dusting).
(36) Prevent sunburn.
(37) Prevents spots and freckles caused by sunburn.
(38) Gives a fragrance.
(39) Protect your nails.
(40) Keep your nails healthy.
(41) Moisturizes the nails.
(42) Prevent rough lips.
(43) Adjust the texture of the lips.
(44) Moisturizes the lips.
(45) Make your lips healthy.
(46) Protect your lips. Prevents lips from drying out.
(47) Prevents dry lips from becoming dry.
(48) Smooth the lips.

If the world’s young and passionate researchers and venture companies

“For elderly people, infants, people with disabilities and those who are fighting illness, who may get sick if they accidentally swallow conventional synthetic fungicides, etc., the effect is the same, but it is safe to swallow. Even if you want to create or create an innovative new product that has never existed in the world with 100% ingredients, the following advantages cannot be stated in the product packaging.

[Prohibited expressions and reasons]

・ “Products are safe to swallow” ・ “Products can be eaten”

(Reason: “Cosmetics” is not “food”, so the expression “swallow” is NG, and the expression “guaranteeing safety” of the product is prohibited.)


(Reason: As mentioned above, sterilization can only be expressed as a “quasi-drug / medicinal” ingredient that costs tens of millions of yen and is licensed as a “medicinal ingredient” over several years. In addition, even if a new ingredient is “added only” to a “quasi-drug / medicinal” product, it will cost tens of millions of yen and take several years. It can be done by a large company with sufficient funds. However, it is difficult for SMEs and venture companies trying to commercialize new research results in terms of funding and resources, and a real barrier to new entry)

From the above, even if new research and technological innovations that are useful to humankind are born, it is difficult to tell the truth to consumers, and it is a commodity that combines old technologies that do not evolve. Product advertising / price competition, occupied market of large capital companies, industrialization that does not require technological innovation, industrialization that does not attract excellent human resources, consumer disadvantage that consumers cannot enjoy new research and technology, global competition It may lead to a loss of competitiveness in the industry.

In this project, while complying with the above compliance, we believe that sincere and sincere new research and technological innovation will be useful for people in need around the world, and barriers in which the interests of various for-profit companies are complicated. We are working with the belief that taking on challenges will contribute to the development of humankind and the health and lives of people around the world.

I hope that the research results and truths that contribute to the health and development of humankind will be disseminated to the world through conference presentations, treatises, and news reports.

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