Why isn’t it “quasi-drug / medicated”?

This is because BODYPEACE Premium Hand Care Cream has taken on the challenge of making products with the same benefits using only naturally derived food ingredients through new technological innovations, and has not chosen to become “quasi-drugs / medicinal”.

In order to make it “quasi-drug / medicinal”, it is necessary to make a product by combining ingredients such as synthetic fungicides and medicinal ingredients that have been approved in the past.

By blending ingredients with approved medicinal properties, it is possible to express effects such as “sterilization” and “whitening”. There is an image similar to medicine, and the “quasi-drug / medicinal” label on the product can be one of the points to promote the superiority of the product.

However, there have been problems with synthetic fungicides that have been certified for medicinal purposes in the past, although they are effective but do not want to be taken by the human body.

BODYPEACE Premium Hand Care Cream aims to create new products that do not use conventional synthetic bactericides, etc., through research on lactic acid bacteria biotechnology.

In addition, in order to make quasi-drugs and medicinal products, it is necessary to make products by combining only the ingredients that are permitted to be blended, and the problem is that no matter who makes them, all products are homogenized (everyone is the same). Products can be made, and competitiveness is concentrated on low prices and advertising).

And it costs tens of millions of yen and time to approve new ingredients, and the cost is added to the consumer price, but I didn’t make that choice.

In addition, there are only two categories, “pharmaceutical products” and “cosmetics” overseas, and the category such as “quasi-drugs / medicinal products” is only classified in Japan, which is why this category is meaningless for overseas sales. There is also.

BODYPEACE Premium Hand Care Cream has been researched to achieve both efficacy and safety in response to the new needs of people around the world, “I want to deal with trouble-causing bacteria with ingredients that are safe to swallow.” , A new product released in 2020.

Regardless of the category under the Pharmaceutical Affairs Law in Japan, we will strive to convey the truth to the world by publishing research results and receiving awards, etc., and to contribute to the health of many people.

By the way, the “quasi-drugs / medicated” products under the Pharmaceutical Machinery Law are as follows.

“It is not actively used for treatment, but is used for the purpose of preventing discomfort such as nausea, heat rash, sores, etc. Also, for beauty purposes such as prevention of bad breath, body odor, hair loss, hair growth, and hair removal. It is used for. It has a mild effect on the human body. It exterminates or prevents mice, hair loss, mosquitoes, etc. “

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