Why don’t you mix strong chemicals or chemicals?

First, there is a concept that as an ingredient that is rubbed into the skin that has transdermal absorption every day, only food ingredients that are safe to eat are not added to the BODYPEACE.

Secondly, there is a reaction to the action, and a strong action may cause great damage to the human body, and a vicious cycle may occur in which a protective action is needed to repair it.

For example, washing the skin and scalp with a strong petroleum-based synthetic surfactant removes too much sebum, destroying the skin barrier and causing rough skin. Therefore, I try to cure the rough skin by purchasing a chemical that cures the rough skin.

In that case, rather than purchasing a strong cleaning agent that removes too much sebum and damages the skin and a chemical that cures the skin and continues to use it at the same time, a product that does not remove too much sebum and does not damage the skin, or wash the face with hot water and work. I think it is more reasonable to use a non-strong moisturizing ingredient on the skin.

Rather than purchasing and spending two products, purchasing a product with a strong action and damaging it as a side effect, and then purchasing another product to heal the wound, it is necessary to maintain it carefully to suppress the damage, and then purchase and spend. Is to make a choice to reduce.

For example, as you wash your face and scalp with hot water, the excess secretion of sebum will decrease, and the amount of oil used to protect the skin will also decrease, giving the skin its original strength and beauty. There is also a report that it will become.

In the first place, it has become necessary to refrain from using ingredients that are too strong and to choose to restore the body to the original healthy state of human beings.

And if you have a skin problem, it is wise to go to an appropriate medical institution without making an amateur judgment, as it will discover various risks.

Thirdly, we believe that strong-acting chemicals are unnecessary for innocent babies, those with healthy skin, and those who can return to a healthy state with their original strength.

Human beings have evolved for the skin hundreds of thousands of years before the economic activity of making and selling industrial products such as skin products and cosmetics within the last few hundred years to earn money and the modern chemical industry of medicines and cosmetics. For generations, we have acquired the physiological functions that enable us to survive and live in good health without products and cosmetics.

Rather, it is judged that healthy people, pregnant women, lactating moms, pregnant women, and infants should not use chemicals that have a strong effect on the skin and do not take strong ingredients in every care. There is also.

Fourth, the global skin products and cosmetics market continues to grow. In other words, people all over the world have used a lot of skin products and cosmetics since long ago, and somehow they are discharged into the natural environment.

The characteristic of chemically synthesized components is that they can be mass-produced and sold at low cost.

However, if we continue to discharge “persistent” synthetic fungicides and chemical substances into the natural environment every day around the world, it will damage the microbial ecosystem in nature and it will be easy for the earth to become dirty. Can be imagined.

The problem of plastic waste and the increasing number of natural disasters around the world due to global warming caused by air pollution, which took decades to begin to be screamed, have become a reality before us.

There are actions you can take at your own height to leave the lives of humankind and the beautiful earth for the next generation.

It may be a small thing for each person, but the spread and accumulation of small actions of everyone in the world can change humanity, the earth, and ourselves for the better.

BODYPEACE is a product made from food ingredients that are safe to swallow, contains a naturally occurring antibacterial peptide “Neonisin-e®︎”, and uses highly “biodegradable” ingredients.

Consumers around the world are now shifting their orientation from “preventive care” to “care for what you eat, food, and health every day to prevent illness” instead of “relying on medicine after getting sick”. I am.

We have also realized the importance of preserving the natural environment of the earth as “preventive care” for ourselves.

BODYPEACE Premium Hand Cream should be a wise choice for families and those who value the beautiful planet who want to stay healthy with preventative care with food ingredients that are safe to swallow.

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