Some have argued that giving cats essential oils or mint essential oils is dangerous. It is said that a small amount of essential oil is added to the BODYPEACE. Is it okay to use it for cats?

The medically-based views of our research members on cats and essential oils are described below.

Currently, there is no research data on the use of essential oils and plant extracts for cats in the world, and there is currently no correct information, and the reality is that the information overflowing on the Internet does not go beyond the realm of rumors.

Regarding the safety of essential oils for cats, in the United States in the 1990s, there were cases where cats became ill after applying a product containing essential oils made by distilling tea tree leaves at high concentrations directly to the skin of cats. Poison Control Center (Animal Poisoning Accident Control Center) was sent.

As a result of the verification, it was decided that the blending ratio of the essential oil of tea tree, which is a cat product, should be “1.0% or less” in the United States.

However, it is said that there is no reliable academic research result that essential oil is harmful to cats and academic research results that essential oil is harmful to cats based on the research results of cat genes.

And overseas, including Europe and the United States, and overseas in advanced pet and essential oil countries, many pet products containing tea tree essential oil and other essential oils are actually sold and used.

Among them, those who think that cats do not have the metabolic function of essential oils as repellent ingredients, those who are safe except for high-concentration tea tree essential oils, and those who claim that essential oils are dangerous to cats. Since it has not been tested or researched, the current situation is that the truth is unknown.

On the other hand, many pet products (classified as miscellaneous goods) are not obliged to list all ingredients like cosmetics and pharmaceuticals, and are often listed simply as “preservatives”, but many chemicals Contains synthetic ingredients and additives for antiseptic purposes. (For the BODYPEACE, all the ingredients are listed.)

Many of the additives for products for humans, children, animals, etc. are used, but the usage limit is often set according to the size of the body, etc., but it is large for small cats. It may have more effects than animals.

Also, regarding the tea tree essential oil of the 1990s, when applying a repellent ingredient directly to the skin under the hair that has the function of repelling water and oil and protecting the skin of cats that should not normally appear on the surface. (Evolved so that it does not die even if repellent components are attached, it is covered with whole body hair, the skin of the paws is stronger than the part covered with hair),

Cats may accidentally eat dangerous foods, and in the process of evolution, barriers should be formed to prevent them from easily dying from repellent ingredients, if they come into contact with the mouth or intestinal tract, or if they are dangerous. In the case of paws where there is a risk of stepping and the skin is hard and protected, the damage to the body may also be different.

The BODYPEACE are tea tree essential oil, which has been reported to be dangerous to cats, and parabens (methylparaben, ethylparaben, propylparaben, butylparaben, also known as: parahydroxybenzoic acid ester, paraoxybenzoate), which have been reported to have endocrine disrupting effects on animals. Acid ester), phenoxyethanol / CPC, and alcohol (ethanol), which is difficult to metabolize in cats compared to humans and dogs, are not added.

And, in order to preserve the product without using a lot of chemical components, we add a very small amount of essential oil “0.1% or less” that does not affect pets to the product.

Considering the amount of BODYPEACE used at one time, the intake amount is “0.001%” or less, which is less than “1/1000” of the compounding amount specified in the United States, which is extremely small and is not easily affected. It is considered safe.

Good medicine can be poisonous if the amount is wrong. The amount that can be a risk for each target animal is important.

As mentioned above, the views are divided, but as a research team including a doctor of medicine and a doctor of dentistry of BODYPEACE, new research is repeated every day without using conventional synthetic preservatives and alcohol that do not exist in the natural world, and the influence Efforts and challenges to find new formulations that realize product preservation with a trace amount of natural ingredients are useful for the position of pet cats who cannot gargle or spit out, the feelings of pet cat lovers, and the future of humans and cats. Because I think.

Since the time of development, many related cat lovers, including veterinarians and other research members and employees, have used it for their own cats, but no problematic symptoms have appeared, and since its release, it has been used in veterinary hospitals and other domestic and overseas markets. It is used in tens of thousands of cats.

Although research and development of body pieces are being carried out after confirming safety at any time,

Like humans, cats have allergies and constitutions “as many as the number of cats in the world”, that is, not all cats have the same constitution as humans, and there are billions of cases. ..

On top of that, if you are concerned about the safety and allergies of using it for cats at home, please refrain from using it, or try it as a case for your own cat and see how it looks. We recommend that you use it afterwards.

Also, without having to swallow information on the internet that is not responsible, have the views of veterinarians and veterinary doctors, collection of credible medical information, and your own judgment criteria for pets that are important family members. Is important.

And as we veterinarians, there are few cases where we keep the cats at home and walk outdoors on the paved road with humans, so the paws are less likely to get rough, and for cats that lick and care for themselves, the owner depends on I don’t think there is much need for cat paws care compared to dogs.

If your cat’s paws are severely rough or damaged, you may be ill or injured, so it is recommended that you consult a veterinarian instead of making an amateur judgment.

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