It contains macadamia seed oil, is it okay to use it in dogs?

BODYPEACE Premium Hand Care Cream contains a very small amount of macadamia seed oil from macadamia nuts.

The purpose of the formulation is that macadamia seed oil is said to be a rare vegetable oil containing palmitooleic acid that improves the condition of the skin.

Palmitooleic acid is an essential fatty acid inherent in dogs and humans that makes up the skin of animals, but it decreases with age. By giving the skin the ingredients necessary to maintain the youth that is being lost, it is an ingredient that can meet the needs of keeping the skin beautiful and youthful.

Macademia nuts are highly beneficial to the skin, but there are reports in the United States that a dog with allergies suffered from poisoning when eaten.

Palmitooleic acid in macadamia seed oil is an essential fatty acid that is also present in the skin of animal dogs, and it is not clear why macadamia nuts made the dog addicted, and the scientific basis is unknown. thing.

In Japan, there are no reports of dogs becoming addicted to eating macadamia nuts.

And there are no case reports of dog poisoning caused by body care products containing macadamia seed oil all over the world, and many body care products containing macadamia seed oil are found in Europe and the United States, which are advanced countries in dog care.

Many of our research members, including veterinarians, are also dog lovers, and we have used body care products for dogs containing macadamia seed oil for our dogs, but we have never had any addiction symptoms.

From a risk / benefit perspective, our research team believes that dog body care products containing macadamia seed oil are highly useful.

However, in view of various factors, our research team has formulated a safe prescription for dog body care products to avoid various risks with the concept of BODYPEACE premium hand care cream, which is designed to be used by the whole family including beloved pets. Developed with the aim.

According to the report, dogs allergic to macadamia nuts have been addicted to eating 0.7 g of macadamia nuts per kg of body weight.

For example, if the dog with allergies to macadamia nuts weighs 10 kg, it is an example of addiction caused by ingesting 7 g of macadamia nuts.

The total amount of macadamia seed oil contained in 40g of BODYPEACE Premium Hand Care Cream new product is extremely small, and when it is applied to the skin, it is even extremely small, and there is no problem even if you lick it. (It is thought that the amount of additives such as preservatives contained in other foods and care products is larger than that, and I am worried about their intake.)

If a 10 kg dog with allergies to macadamia nuts should eat a whole 40g of BODYPEACE Premium Hand Care Cream, it will not be enough to cause addiction (7g).

Allergies and constitutions are different for each dog as well as individuality, and there are as many cases as there are dogs in the world.

Furthermore, the reaction of the body changes from time to time depending on the physical condition and time.

Whether the body care product that you put on your dog’s skin suits or does not suit your dog’s constitution, skin, and taste at that time, regarding the health management of your dog, do not believe only the information written on the net, but the owner’s own experience We recommend that you consult with your veterinarian to make a decision.

In addition, there are many repellent ingredients for dogs in the home.

Please keep items that are likely to be at risk out of the reach of innocent dogs in order to protect the health of your loved ones.

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