I have chemical hypersensitivity, is it okay to use it?

BODYPEACE aims to create products for those who are not good at chemically synthesized ingredients and those who do not want to take chemically synthesized ingredients.

If you are uncertain, this is a very simple method, but we recommend that you perform a patch test yourself, including other products.

Soak the product in a bandage, apply it to your skin, and wait for a while to see how it looks. Products that cause allergies such as redness are considered to be unsuitable for the body, and there is a way to decide to refrain from using them.

This is an example of a simple method that you can do yourself.

However, allergies and constitutions are as individual as individual, and there are as many cases as the world’s population.

Furthermore, the reaction of the body changes from time to time depending on the physical condition and time.

Whether the food you put in your mouth or the skin products you put on your skin suits your constitution, skin, and taste at that time, please consult your own judgment and your doctor about your own health management. We recommend that you make a judgment.

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