Do you use titanium oxide (Ti oxide)?

Titanium oxide (Ti oxide) is a component that is blended in sunscreens, etc., and is a highly useful component for the diffusion of ultraviolet rays.

Titanium oxide (Ti oxide) may also be used as a colorant to whiten creams in the development of cosmetics.

If the cream is translucent and does not turn white as a compounding ingredient, you can add “titanium oxide (Ti oxide)” as a coloring agent to make the transparent cream pure white.

Although “titanium oxide” is made from minerals, the World Health Organization has pointed out that it may be “carcinogenic”, and the French government has been manufacturing “food” containing “titanium oxide” since January 2020. The sale was banned.

Based on the above, we have decided not to use BODYPEACE Premium Hand Care Cream.

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