Do you contain hinokitiol?

Not compounded.

The function of “Neonisin-e®︎” is about 1,000 times that of hinokitiol. In other words, you can get the same benefit with 1/1000 amount without side effects.

Hinokitiol is a repellent ingredient created by hinoki (trees) in hot and humid forests to resist insects, microorganisms, and molds. I have come. As an ingredient, it is an ingredient approved as “quasi-drug / medicinal”.

However, in order to exert its effect on bacteria, it must be concentrated and increased in concentration, and even if normal wood itself is less harmful, if the extract is increased in concentration, in rat experiments, malformed children (teratogenic) There was a risk and there were challenges in using it for infants and women.

In addition, it has the strength of peeling off the laminated tube when the concentration is high, so we decided not to mix it in the BODYPEACE with the aim of using it for infants and pregnant women.

If you like hinoki cypress, we would appreciate it if you could get it at an essential oil shop and use it together with the BODYPEACE.

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