Do you have a botanical antibacterial agent?

Not blended.

This is because there is a problem that side effects are greater than effects on living things such as humans and pets.

Many plants have developed and evolved toxicity and repellent to living organisms so that they will not be extinct by being eaten by insects and herbivores, and have survived the fierce competition for survival over millions of years on this earth.

Just as highly toxic plants cannot be eaten by insects and herbivores, so can humans.

In particular, plants such as vegetables and fruits that can be eaten by humans are limited to a very small number of plants on the earth, just as there are very few plants that can be eaten in natural forests.

However, vegetables and fruits that are safe to eat as they are, as well as most plants in the garden and around us, have the power to kill bacteria and organisms if they are boiled at home to a high concentration.

In a straightforward example, the essential oils of distilled plants do not propagate bacteria or viruses.

However, there was a big problem that even plants that seem to be safe as they are, if they are made into substances that have the ability to kill bacteria and organisms at high concentrations, have great side effects on humans and pets, which are organisms.

From the above, the development of highly biodegradable natural preparations that are effective even at ultra-low concentrations has been required all over the world.

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