Do you use phenoxyethanol?

Not in use.

Phenoxyethanol is a synthetic preservative and preservative that is often used as a substitute for consumers who do not like parabens.

There are reports that tea leaves and cotton may volatilize similar substances to protect themselves from pests, but in reality, phenol (colorless needle-like crystals made from coal tar, used for antiseptic and disinfecting) is hydroxyethylated. A synthetic preservative / preservative that is chemically synthesized by (synthesis) in the presence of alkali metal hydroxide or alkali metal boron hydride.

In Japan and the European Union, the amount of phenoxyethanol is strictly limited for skin cosmetics, and up to 1% can be added to products, but its use in foods is prohibited.

(Paraben is permitted to be used in food as a food additive.)

In addition, even for skin cosmetics, the inclusion of phenoxyethanol is prohibited by international organic product certification standards.

Therefore, we have decided to prescribe phenoxyethanol-free in BODYPEACE Premium Hand Care Cream.

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