What is the difference between “Neonisin-e” and other “lactic acid bacteria culture / fermentation / product extract” and “enzyme”?

The indications on the ingredients of “Neonisin-e” are “Lactic acid bacteria culture extract”, “Plum fruit extract”, and “Damask rose oil”.

This is because “Neonisin-e” is a mixture of the above ingredients.

“Lactic acid bacterium culture / fermented extract” is a liquid obtained by fermenting lactic acid bacteria, and is often like the supernatant of yogurt. And in the fermented liquid, many things such as water, impurities, and salt are turbid.

Unlike other fermented liquids, the “lactic acid bacterium culture extract” used in “Neonisin-e” is a unique biotechnology technology that uses only the antibacterial peptide “Nisin A” produced by lactic acid bacteria from the fermented liquid obtained by fermenting lactic acid bacteria. It will be separated and highly purified by.

“Highly purified nisin A” is a high-purity lactic acid bacterium antibacterial peptide solution that can be extracted from the lactic acid bacterium fermented liquor in only about one-tenth the amount, and the manufacturing cost and labor are more than 10 times higher.

Research institutes around the world have published research reports that the purity, degree of purification, stability, and effect of highly purified “Nisin A” are more than 100 times higher than those of ordinary fermented lactic acid bacteria.

The patented ingredient “Neonisin-e”, which was researched and developed in collaboration with Kyushu University, has the same display name as other “lactic acid bacteria culture / fermented extract” and “enzyme”, but the contents are different. It will be a thing.

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