Do you use “lactic acid bacteria derived from animals (humans, livestock, etc.) (bacteria that live in the feces of humans and animals)”?

Not in use.

As mentioned above, this point is the advantage of a large ORALPEACE in the world due to the background of long and deep research including the world’s leading researcher of lactic acid bacterium bacteriocin research that can be used for foods of the Faculty of Agriculture, Kyushu University. It becomes.

BODYPEACE Premium Hand Care Cream is a product that “puts in your mouth”

It is not an “animal-derived bacterium” that lives in “excrement” in the intestinal tract of an “animal” found in the feces of humans or livestock.

Regarding lactic acid bacteria used in the production of “Neonisin-e ® ︎”

We use “Lactococcus lactis”, which is a “plant” found in “okara” produced in Fukuoka Prefecture and is a “plant-derived fungus” that lives in “food”.

We recommend that you check the type and origin of the lactic acid bacteria that you apply to your skin from the name of each bacterium on the Internet.

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