Why don’t you mix silicone, synthetic polymer, petrolatum, and mineral oil (petroleum)?

Petroleum-derived ingredients form a vinyl-like inorganic film that closes pores and interferes with cutaneous respiration, prevents nutrients from reaching the bare skin, is persistent and adversely affects the natural environment, and produces a large amount of Co2. It has become clear in modern science that carbon dioxide does not have a positive effect on people and the global environment, such as having an adverse effect on the earth and nature.

Rapid conversion from the traditional fossil fuel industry / technology that has continued for about 100 years to a new industry / green technology for a carbon-free society that will allow humankind to continue living on the earth 100 years after being friendly to people and the earth Is required all over the world.

In the automobile industry, etc., there is an industrial revolution toward a new electric vehicle for a carbon-free society, and for skin care products, a rapid conversion to a new industry and green technology for a carbon-free society is taking place without going against that trend. It is easy to think that it will be required all over the world and in outer space.

BODYPEACE As a premium hand care cream, looking at humankind and the earth 100 years from now, it is a new era that does not contain petroleum-derived ingredients because it is judged that skin care products made from traditional petroleum raw materials cannot be products compatible with the future SDGs era. We challenged research and development and technological innovation with the aim of making skin care products.

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