Why not mix petroleum-derived ingredients?

BODYPEACE Premium hand care creams do not contain petroleum-derived ingredients for the following reasons:

Because it lacks nutrients for humans and cannot be expected to have a beauty effect, and it is not biodegraded (eaten and decomposed by microorganisms) in the natural environment, it emits a large amount of CO2 in production and adversely affects the sustainable natural environment of the earth. Because.

For petroleum-derived silicon such as dimethicone, cyclomethicone and cyclopentasiloxane, vinyl polymers such as carbomer copolymer and crosspolymer, vaseline, paraffin and mineral oil (mineral oil)

It can be said that it is an excellent ingredient that can obtain “elongation” and “moisturizing feeling” at a low price, but an inorganic nutrient-free petroleum film such as vinyl clogs pores, and fatty acids and minerals such as precious vegetable oils. It interferes with the delivery of nutrients to the skin,

In addition, it cannot be ingested, is not biodegraded in the natural environment (eaten by microorganisms and decomposed), emits a large amount of CO2 in production, and has side effects such as adversely affecting the sustainable natural environment of the earth, and is healthy. Our research team does not recommend its use when considering the natural skin and the global environment in the future.

The times are about to change dramatically in the last few years.

The world is changing from developed countries, as the state of California in the United States announced that it will ban the sale of gasoline vehicles in the future in order to prevent global warming due to CO2 emissions.

And now, the world’s historic automobile manufacturers that have been researching and developing gasoline-powered cars are starting to bring EV cars to the market at a rapid pace.

Now that the crisis of humankind due to global warming has become apparent, the generational change of research technology and the mainstream industry is progressing rapidly.

It can be called a new industrial revolution.

As SGDs are being screamed all over the world, it is possible that in the future there will be some restrictions on the use of petroleum components, which are harmful to the environment, not only for cosmetics but also for the components inside plastic containers.

Environmentally friendly biotechnology and eco-friendly products that are engaged in the research and development of innovative alternative raw materials will be better than the traditional technologies that continue to use petroleum raw materials without technological innovation and products that have an adverse effect on the environment. It is easy to imagine that in the future, it will replace mainstream technologies and products.

Also, if we carefully select the ingredients that make the skin happy, our research team has determined that food ingredients that are safe enough to be put in the mouth are superior even when applied to the skin.

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