What should I do if I want more “growth” and “moisture”?

In general, petroleum-derived petrolatum, silicone, and mineral oil that make you feel smooth “elongation” and “moisturizing feeling” are not mixed, so you are accustomed to using chemical products and the usual “elongation” and “moisturizing feeling” are not enough. For those who feel that, in the case of BODYPEACE Premium Hand Care Cream, spread a little more.

If you feel that the moisturizing feeling you like is not enough even if you apply a lot, the oil content is insufficient, but if you add more oil and fat, it will become sticky, so at home at night etc. Oil in BODYPEACE premium hand care cream Please add and use.

The recommended vegetable oil is olive oil. It is also found in the kitchen, and it is an excellent vegetable oil that is rich in nutrients but can be obtained at a relatively low price, and gives a smooth and moisturized feel. It does not have to be extra virgin. Apply 1-2 drops to your hands with BODYPEACE Premium Hand Care Cream.

In addition, many household vegetable oils such as rapeseed oil, sunflower oil, benibana oil, coconut oil, rose hip oil, and argan oil are rich in fatty acids and minerals such as oleic acid and palmitic acid. , Can be used on bare skin.

If you still feel that the oil content is insufficient, it will be animal oil, but we hope that you can use a small amount of shark liver oil-derived squalane or horse oil in combination with BODYPEACE Premium Hand Care Cream.

Over time, you will feel that the natural nutrients spread to your bare skin and that it changes to a clear, well-textured, soft and moisturized state.

(For petroleum-derived petrolatum and mineral oil, it can be said that it is an excellent ingredient that can obtain “elongation” and “moisturizing feeling” at low cost, but an inorganic non-nutrient oil film such as vinyl clogs the pores. It interferes with the delivery of nutrients such as fatty acids and minerals such as petroleum jelly to the skin, cannot be put in the mouth, and is not biodegraded (eaten and decomposed by microorganisms) in the natural environment, and is often used in production. It has side effects such as emitting Co2 from petroleum jelly and adversely affecting the sustainable natural environment of the earth, and our research team does not recommend its use for healthy bare skin and considering the global environment in the future.)

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