Can it be used as a sanitary & care cream for dog paws, fingers, nails, and ears?

You can use it.

Like the ORALPEACE, the BODYPEACE is based on the concept that it can be used by the whole family including pets.

Modern dogs have been walking barefoot along the same asphalt and concrete walkways as their owners, who wear shoes to protect the soles of their feet, since they were babies.

As the owners don’t notice, walking on the road in the summer is very painful for dogs, just as the sandy beaches in the summer are so hot that we can’t walk barefoot.

In addition, since walking barefoot, a lot of dirt and bacteria from outside the house adhere to the paws, fingers, and nails, and many bacteria are attached to the scratches on the rough paws, fingers, and nails. It will breed. From damaged skin, filth, bacteria, and chemical substances can easily penetrate into the dermis layer.

The inflamed area makes the dog feel itchy and uncomfortable, and if you continue to lick (scratch) it, you may have interdigital inflammation, etc., and germs may propagate and the inflammation may progress further.

To prevent this, disinfect and keep the damaged and rough paws and fingers clean, care for them with nutritional components, and use a barrier veil to remove the barefoot paws and fingers from external stimuli, filth, and bacteria. Must be protected.

We have been developing organic paws care products for dogs in Europe, the home of pet care products and organic care products, including Italy.

The premise of developing a paws / finger care product for dogs is “make it with edible ingredients because the dog will lick it even if it is applied”.

However, in order to make it with food ingredients that are safe for dogs to eat and to commercialize it in consideration of reducing production costs, solid beeswax (a natural veil barrier ingredient that is a substitute for petroleum-derived petrolatum and silicon) ) Has become a product with a simple balm formula (like lip balm), such as mixing jojoba oil or essential oil.

In that case, the solid balm, which has almost no water, does not easily penetrate between the paws and fingers of dogs that have become rough on the ground in summer, and the antibacterial ingredient that cares for scratches and care for rough skin. It produces less nutrients and has a limited effect, so many care items such as disinfectants, cleaning agents, lotions, creams, and balms have to be prepared, which has been a problem for owners in terms of cost and effort.

Also, considering that it can be eaten by dogs, it is necessary to carefully select safe food ingredients that humans have eaten for a long time, and it is important to mix various non-edible herbal extracts, essential oils, and flavors that humans do not eat. There was a problem that it was not preferable as a meat ball care product for pets.

BODYPEACE developed this time His premium hand care cream is for human hands, but of course it is also a highly useful product for the hands of dogs (paws and fingers), which are the same animals.

The blended “Neonisin-e ® ︎” approaches the paws that have returned from the walk and the bacteria between the fingers, and also approaches the damaged and rough paws and the bacteria that increase between the fingers, and the world’s beauty plant ingredients are the paws.・ Nourishes and cares between fingers and nails, natural veil and barrier ingredients such as beeswax and jojoba oil protect the paws and nails from external dirt, germs and irritation.

And because it is made entirely of edible food ingredients, it will be a new product that has never been seen in the history of meat ball, finger intercourse, and nail care products in the world, which clears the basic premise that dogs can lick it. ..

It is a self-confident work that pursues safety and effectiveness, created by trying it on the hands of moms who tend to get rough due to the work and housework of development members for 8 months and the rough hoppe of 0-year-old babies.

As a developer, BODYPEACE Premium Hand Care Cream was made with the formulation of an organic cosmetology cream for human faces, so it feels a little extravagant for dog paws (laughs), but the owner has hand skin. We believe that it can be used reasonably if it can be shared with the whole family as a cream that can care for the paws, fingers, nails, and ears of important family dogs while caring for the nails.

Do you suffer from rough hands (rough paws) on your daily walks with the owner’s hand care that your dog will lick your hands? We hope that the whole family can use her premium hand care cream as a paws care for your dog.

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