Can it be used as an outdoor cream in the summer season when insects are worrisome?

You can use it.

As you all know, “If you wash the soles of your sister’s feet, which are often bitten by mosquitoes (reducing the number of bacteria that are indigenous to the skin), you will be less likely to be bitten by mosquitoes,” a famous study by a Japanese boy researcher. There is an announcement.

It contains the lactic acid bacterium bacteriophage preparation “Neonisin-e®︎”, which was invented from research on how to deal with skin trouble-causing bacteria through industry-academia collaboration with Kyushu University, so if you are worried about insects, please try it once. I hope you can do it.

Lavender essential oil also contains ingredients that mosquitoes dislike.

It is free of alcohol (ethanol), has no strong scent, and can be used by infants and small children without worrying about it.

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