Is the BODYPEACE made in Japan?

From basic research to basic research by research institutes and researchers gathering Japanese wisdom, such as Kyushu University Graduate School of Agriculture, Kagoshima University Graduate School of Medical and Dental Sciences, National Longevity Medical Research Center, Oral Disease Research Department, etc. It is truly made in Japan, where management, bulk production, filling, and packaging are performed at research institutes and production plants in Japan that are cleanly and hygienically controlled.

In addition to the international competitiveness of the above products, many people live and work in Japan, creating employment in Japan and improving the income of local people through research with Japanese university institutions and production at domestic factories. It is a product that also aims to enrich people, their families, communities and societies.

In research and production, we aim to work together with many people in the domestic region, consume what is made by local consumers, etc., and share the joy and profits of working.

Many people and their families are involved in the BODYPEACE premium hand care cream business all over Japan.

Currently, the industry is hollowing out in Japan, and jobs, employment, and income in each region are being lost.

In some places, the maintenance of social and public services is becoming more difficult.

Furthermore, regarding the destruction of the natural environment that spreads throughout the globe, the transportation of products from overseas requires a large amount of carbon dioxide, and there is concern that further environmental destruction will progress.

You can change society by shopping.

Ethical products because they are used every day.

Even if you are familiar with hand care products, if the product power and price can be competitive, it will contribute to the local society and economy, and as a result, it will have a positive effect on yourself. We hope that you will help us to purchase and consume sustainable, social and ethical domestic products that support each other and consider the region and the global environment as a whole.

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