Please tell me how to read the ingredients of cosmetics. About the ingredients of hand cream

All ingredients of cosmetics are listed in “highest blending order”.

And in many products, 90% or more is composed of the ingredients from “5th from the top” or “10th from the top”, and the ingredients displayed after that may be a very small amount of compounding. It is said that there will be more.

At the end of overseas cosmetics, there may be a description of essential oil-containing ingredients such as “geraniol”, “citronellol”, and “limonene”, but these are ingredients contained in essential oils even if they are not intentionally added, and are contained in Europe. Under the Pharmaceutical Affairs Law of, it is obligatory to list in the ingredient list due to allergies. Since there is no obligation to list under the Japanese Pharmaceutical Machinery Law, it is listed on products that use the European ingredient list as it is.

In many cases, “preservatives” and “fragrances” appear as the displayed ingredients in the latter half, but if a large amount of ingredients are listed, they are said to contain many ingredients. It is said that there will be more compounding descriptions in anticipation of “promotional effects”.

In other words, even for products with a large amount of ingredients listed, it is said that you can roughly know what kind of content the product is by looking at the “fifth from the top” or “tenth from the top” of all the ingredients. ..

In the development of BODYPEACE premium hand care cream, in anticipation of the effect of the active ingredient, the ingredients after “fifth from the top” or “tenth from the top” are also mixed in a balanced ratio, and products containing a lot of nutrients are added. We pursued research and development.

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