What is the most important thing in comparing, selecting and selecting hand care products and hand creams? How to choose hand cream

The first is the confirmation of “all ingredients”. When purchasing a product that builds the body and mind and applies it to an important body, be sure to check and examine the “all ingredients” (all ingredients that are blended and added) of each product before making a selection. We recommend that you do so.

“All ingredients” can be found on the product packaging. In many cases, it’s easy to get caught up in “other than the essence of the product.”

However, in the world of science, research, and manufacturing, all new efforts and efforts regarding research, technological innovation, and safety behind products are the result of “all ingredients.” It is important to check “all ingredients” and determine the essence of the product.

The second is confirmation of “research background” and “results”.

What kind of project members, universities / graduate schools and research institutes (national institutions or private organizations / internationally competitive public institutions), and researchers with what kind of career and profile (institutions and specialized fields) Whether it is a technology / product researched and developed by a researcher who can have international competitiveness), what the research is for, and the innovation and objective superiority (innovation and objective superiority) of the research / technology. Is there a “patent”, “paper”, “award history”, “newspaper publication”, etc.)?

We are in an era where you can easily search for “research background,” “data,” “treats,” “patents,” “awards,” and “media publications” related to each product on the Internet.

It is important to identify the “research background” of what kind of research institution, researcher, involved members, etc., and what kind of “results” the research has achieved as a result.

Thirdly, what kind of research results and products are handled by the public media such as newspapers and television, and public media such as magazines.

Is it a research result or product with news value that is treated as an article rather than an advertisement by highly reliable news media and public media?

Every day, we receive press releases from numerous research institutes and companies, and what is published and reported through the filter of reporters who are exhausting is a new socially useful research result for many consumers without specialized knowledge. It is a big factor in determining whether a product has unprecedented value. Z

Fourth, what kind of medical institution / store is selected, and what kind of countries are sold and used?

For stores such as highly reliable medical institutions and department stores, medical professionals who select various products in the world at their own risk and provide patients and customers with products that their hospitals and stores can proceed with confidence. There is a buyer (purchasing person).

Now that there are so many things and information all over the world, there are stores with high quality that consumers are sure to buy here.

Being selected by these medical institutions and department stores is a product that should be selected, trusted, and recommended to important patients and customers by the filters of connoisseur buyers who are looking at products all over the world. It will be a thing.

In addition, in order to be officially sold locally not only in Japan but also in overseas countries, it can be sold for the first time after strict approval by the health organizations of each country.

The products that are officially sold locally are the products that have been examined in each country and decided that they should be used as contributing to the health of the people.

What kind of medical institution, government agency, public institution, and what kind of department store or store should select the product to be selected?

Is it a product that is sold not only in Japan but also in the United States, Europe, China, Asian countries, Central and South America, and other countries around the world?

And is it a product that many people around the world are looking for?

For many consumers who do not have specialized knowledge, calmly knowing the handling and sales performance of the product, the difference from other products in the world, the essence of the product, the superiority of research and technology, the product to choose It is an element to judge the goodness.

Finally, confirmation of “sociality”.

Whether it is a product / business that leads to good things not only for oneself but also for society and other people, a product that prioritizes human health and environmental consideration, a product for mere commercial purposes, or social It is important to find out if the product you are working on.

We are in an era where you can easily find out about the actual situation and management attitude of the above companies on Wikipedia.

It is important for medical professionals and consumers to wisely assess the “sociality” of products and companies, not just the product specifications themselves.

Now that various information is overflowing and companies and products are overflowing, in order to protect the health of ourselves, our families and patients, and to protect our own health and livelihood, we must be able to discern and judge the essence. We are in an era of demand.

In the era after the coronavirus disaster, which has changed drastically, medical professionals and consumers learned about the social and economic mechanisms of how corporate products can lead to better society and themselves. We need to change to a wise choice.

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