What is the difference from the conventional natural and organic hand care products and hand creams?

The R & D members of BODYPEACE Premium Hand Care Cream are the first Japanese pioneers to develop organic brands such as body care, hair care, and oral care with organic certification in 2005, and have developed many brands with organic certification. It was.

What are natural organic products made for overseas consumers who are highly aware of family health and environmental issues?

Uses sustainable plant raw materials without using fossil (petroleum) raw materials, uses organically grown and wild craft raw materials for plants without using pesticides, chemically synthesized ingredients and additives that affect the human body and the environment I think that the point that we aim to make products with the concept of not using is the same.

The BODYPEACE was also developed by members who have been involved in the planning and development of various organic products based on European organic standards for over 15 years, and is still produced in certified factories based on international organic product standards. We are here.

Regarding the organic product certification mark, until 2017, Oral Peace obtained the organic certification of each product in Europe and put the mark on the product. However, the charges from the certification company (certification business organization) are large, and the certification mark posting is not as effective as expected, and payment to the certification company and products without making a decision to convert the certification cost to the consumer price. We decided to stop posting on the website and continue to manufacture products in accordance with the certification standards.

However, the reality is that organic and natural products, herbs and Chinese herbs have not been able to meet the needs of various diseases that are diversifying as therapeutic agents.

BODYPEACE Premium Hand Care Cream is a “subtraction product manufacturing” that contains a large number of various plant extracts that can be expected to be effective so far in order to meet the medical and health needs of the new era, and chemically synthesized ingredients for health. Aiming for “multiplication” to a completely different dimension with “subtraction product manufacturing” that is not used as much as possible, R & D by Japanese advanced science and medical technology based on lactic acid bacteria biotechnology of the new era is fused, and modern clinical practice It can be said that the difference is that we are taking on the challenge of basic research, development of patented technology, and product creation in a new era to meet the above issues.

Specifically, it is natural to manufacture products that do not use petroleum-derived components and alcohol (ethanol), which are required by the times. In addition to the above, industry-academia collaboration with advanced research institutes will improve effectiveness and safety. A world originating in Japan, a research and technology nation that contains “Neonisin-e”, a lactic acid bacterium bacteriocin preparation derived from plants that is friendly to animals and the global environment, which was invented over 10 years with the aim of achieving both. The big difference is that it is a skin care product for the market.

Another major difference is that it is a social product that is trying to utilize its research and technology not just for commercial purposes but for social contribution activities.

We hope that many people will use BODYPEACE Premium Hand Care Cream. Best regard.

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