What is the major difference from the hand care products and creams in the world so far?

The big difference is the research on how to deal with the bacteria that cause skin problems.

“Are you using the lactic acid bacterium antibacterial peptide” Neonisin-e®︎ “instead of the conventional synthetic fungicides and alcohol?”,

“Is the product made or not made of only food ingredients that are considered safe even if it remains on the skin?”

“Whether or not the product contains synthetic fungicides or alcohol”

“It is cheap and suitable for mass production, but it covers the skin like vinyl and hinders cutaneous respiration and penetration of nutrients, and has a large load on the natural environment such as petrolatum, paraffin, and mineral oil (mineral oil). Contains or does not contain petroleum components of


Responding to the skin trouble-causing bacteria, which are the needs of clinical sites and consumers in the global medical and long-term care in recent years.

“I want to use ingredients that are safe even if my skin remains”,

“I want to use a safe antibacterial agent that replaces synthetic fungicides, alcohol (ethanol), and high-concentration plant antibacterial agents that have side effects.”

In order to respond to the modern paradigm shift toward safety and health consciousness of consumers around the world, we have been conducting research on the lactic acid bacterium antibacterial peptide “Neonisin-e®” for more than 10 years in collaboration with Kyushu University and others.

BODYPEACE Premium Hand Care Cream

Those who are suffering from hand skin problems, those who are careful about what they put on their skin, those who are concerned about the health and prevention of their families, those who want to avoid daily percutaneous absorption of chemical ingredients, pregnant women and breastfeeding Those who are not good at additives and synthetic bactericides, those with weak skin, infants and pets,

And for those who don’t want to destroy the natural environment with persistent chemicals

It will be a new era product invented and developed in Japan in the 21st century.

And not only pursuing product superiority, but also sympathizing with the background of the brand and contributing to society through business, BODYPEACE premium hand care cream is really needed all over Japan and all over the world. It is also a product that all members work together to research, develop, produce, and deliver for you.

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