What is the major difference from conventional hand care products and hand creams that promote safety?

The big difference is

“Whether or not the patented” Neonisin-e®︎ “is included”,

“Are you conducting research on how to deal with the bacteria that cause skin problems?”


Safe and minimal hand care products, products made with 100% natural origin, products made only with food ingredients, and products that have obtained organic certification are available at national universities such as Kyushu University and research institutes such as the National Longevity Medical Research Center. I was able to make it without the need for basic research or patented technology.

As for BODYPEACE premium hand care cream, I think it was simply the development of hand care products that appealed for safety and cosmetological effects, unless “Neonisin-e ® ︎” was added.

BODYPEACE A cream with a shape similar to Premium Hand Care Cream can be made by yourself at home if you purchase the ingredients at an online shop.

However, in order to meet the needs of the 21st century and to deal with the bacteria that cause skin troubles in clinical settings of medical care and long-term care, the patented lactic acid bacterium antibacterial peptide formulation “Neonisin-” was invented through joint research with Kyushu University for more than 10 years. “e®︎” is a research result / invention that has worked to solve clinical problems so far.

In order to realize the difference, we recommend that you actually try BODYPEACE Premium Hand Care Cream on your bare skin.

You will feel the change in your skin after careful care.

BODYPEACE Premium Hand Care Cream is considered to have no new significance to humankind unless it contains “Neonisin-e ® ︎”.

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